Volcanic Rush

Aug 7, 20230 comments

When I am mixing layers of certain colours for the first time I initially make something small …just in case it is a total disaster! Volcanic Rush just came into my head when I opened the kiln with this new combination of glazes. These included copper, bronze & gold elements, as well as one or two unlikely glazes which I will keep to myself ! Before firing,I really had no idea if it would work & was very happy with the result. I felt confident to try out on larger pieces, as shown above.

The final appearance is tricky to gauge, which adds to the fun, usually! This can be due to several factors. For example shape, vertical or flat as in vase or bowl all ceramics and application of the glazes. These are the same for all ceramic work , however , through trial & error I have found that in this complex mix ,it is usually the application of the glazes which determines the final result.

It’s not a case of right or wrong, just produces a range of variation within the collection. eg more shimmer; increased copper effect; less “yellow” etc


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