Seagulls Ready to migrate to new homes

May 22, 20230 comments

These delightful unique little seagull sculptures are a devil to make, but worth the effort. I usually make two or three at a time, they are totally freehand built . This means I do not use a preformed mould , just start off with a 50g ball of clay . They take a couple weeks to make. I find the trickiest phase is actually placing the bone dry unfired seagull into the kiln, very fragile until fired !

Seagulls can be maligned by some people, due to their potential for being a nuisance, which I understand eg pasty theft by dive bombing an unsuspecting human. This is not something I see happen much where I live!

I prefer to see only their beauty and elegance , especially in uninhabited areas. More to these guys than meets the eye!

For those who haven’t read it , I recommend “Jonathan Livingston Seagull a story” by Richard Bach. It changed my views many years ago!

So, they come in several styles. In flight gliding or wings high ; mounted with brass rod on stone or driftwood ( one or two gulls on wood); or as a hanging mobile on jute with driftwood , shells & a small oyster shell as a weight ( one, two or three gulls)

Each one will be different – please contact me for current availability & more info.

Like most of my work they can be made to order. Have a look in the Gallery to see a few examples.

Each 20cm wide


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