Aug 18, 20230 comments

When we moved to Cornwall I set up Tregirls Pottery & spent a few years creating pottery in a shed.
I was happy, had a new kiln & it was close to the house which was good,
although no running water or heating!
Then a couple of years ago I had the most amazing “Christmas Gift “from my partner, Paul.
It wasn’t ready for Christmas though, not Santa’s fault!

Initial plans were made & changed, you know how it is right?!
But all the following hard work and expense paid off.
The studio isn’t a huge commercial place, but much larger than the old shed, more efficient,
and plenty of room for me to potter around in.
Winter & Spring photos shown here.
I feel so lucky to have a warm, well lit, efficient, more spacious new place to work.
It really is my ‘Happy Place’ & my little Sprocker Jessie loves it too.
You are welcome to visit us any time, call to arrange.


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