Breaking Waves

Aug 6, 20230 comments

 As time rolls on, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about each of my main collections.

First up is the coastal/ocean-inspired Breaking Waves, includes Rockpool.I think the source of inspiration is fairly obvious for this one. The coast is good for everyone’s soul, right? To let your mind wander while listening to the sounds of the sea, and feel the salty wind in your face is magical. Whatever the weather.

I’m blessed that I live not far from the sea or moors & can visit them whenever I wish. I really started to experiment with shapes and mixing up the glazes, increasing layers, challenging myself & the materials! Now a few years on, I still think of it as my favourite group. Although I love them all….or they wouldn’t be featuring in my gallery!

So, as usual I start off with a large slab of wet earthenware clay; leave it to partially dry; cut out a rough size & shape if I have one in mind; then when it’s fairly firm I lose the concept of time as I shape the clay, building waves ; then i use foam props to hold this in place; cover and allow to dry very slowly. I’m often adding quirky little touches .

Day after glaze fired, open the kiln, and hopefully see some magic created.

My Rockpool pieces are a sub category of Breaking Waves. Same techniques & glazes, my ‘take’ on seaside rock pools. Softer, smoother & less height. Shimmering pools of deep colour

12 x 3cm


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